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Supportive and inspiring communication

Most technical entrepreneurs are too modest or do not have time or skills available to clearly communicate about their company and the features, application and benefits of their often great products and services.

Our mission in Grand Detour is to discover your core-competences and translate know-how, product features, passion and craftsmanship into consistent branding and communication. Helping you to grow.
Show the market who (why) you are.
Frank Goedhart

Grand Detour’ derives from font memories of a small town in Illinois (USA), nestled in a sharp bend of the Rock River. The metaphor is that a major detour might turn out to be more interesting than the planned direction.

I like: growth, building brands, creative ideas and concepts, innovation and transparency in communication. As mechanical engineer, with a solid background in technical sales, product-, marketing- and general management, I have relevant experience to be a valuable strategic partner for b-to-b entrepreneurs. This is why I started Grand Detour. 

In successful marketing projects I work strategically with entrepreneurs that dare to take brave decisions, embrace out-of-the-box communication ideas and have a ‘getting things done’ mentality. Always aiming for growth.h!

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