Growth Marketing Communication
I know from personal experience that nothing beats the dynamics, the challenges and the rewards of successfully growing a business. Achieving growth requires hard work, brave decisions, stamina and consistent marketing. It can be lonely at the top, so every entrepreneur now and then needs feedback or support from somebody outside his organisation, capable of listening carefully (with big ears) while looking at the company with fresh eyes. 
I am Frank Goedhart and in Grand Detour I am eager to support you in growth marketing and communication.
De-clutter & refinement


After a first meeting and a initial evaluation of your "why", core-competences and strategic mission, de-cluttering of the story and refinement of your market proposition is vital.

Let's keep it simple: You might have a lot to tell, but your audience can only grasp one or two main messages.


Together we will translate your know-how, product features, technical details, passion and craftsmanship into a crystal clear story.

Partners in communication


No one can be expert in all fields of marketing.

That is why I will be your gateway to a marketing communication collective, in which passionate graphic designers, web magicians, video cracks and other experts cherish their specialty craftsmanship. Together each achieving more, lean and without unnecessary overhead expenses for you.


Having been a partner in Brayn Graphic for two years has given me a clear view on what kind of visual communication is effective in technical b-to-b marketing.

In graphic design, text and video.

Online and offline. 

The services of Grand Detour


Grand Detour is your "out-of-pocket" marketing congierge. I like working with company owners, marketing managers, marketing departments. As long as there is a strong ambition for growth, for making each day better than the day before, for hard work and passion (yes, a cliché, but true), I love to work with you. More concretely?

  • Marketing strategy

  • Marketing communication

  • Sales strategies

  • Product introductions

  • New business

  • Business development

  • Building brands

  • Employer branding

  • Interim management

  • Content marketing

  • Corporate identities

  • Capital investment


Summarizing: All that is "sales & marketing"-related!

Grand Detour: Growing the business!